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Security is as essential as sales and marketing. Necessary confidentiality of sensitive information of your customers/ clients is very crucial to maintain. Cyber criminals just need one loophole to leverage the lack of security. We at TurboSec™ understand these threats and can help secure digital assets of your organization from cyber criminals, hackers, identity thieves and competitors from damaging your business consistency.

What can an attacker do to your website in 3 days of attack?

For an attacker it’s always the time and effort it takes to compromise a vulnerable website. Within three days an attacker can exploit your website’s vulnerabilities and can steal or damage all kinds of data. That’s why we have tailored TurboSec™ for helping your business to be secured

How can TurboSec™ saves your business from cyber threats?

TurboSec™ makes it easy and fast to find and eliminate cyber security threats to your online business presence and data. Free automated tools & services that promise to find all the actual vulnerabilities by scanning your website miss out a lot of loopholes which increases the chance of false positive by 70%. Our approach with TurboSec™ is to promote "MANUAL" testing with true and effective results.

Why do we recommend free TurboSec™ for Startups?

For an attacker it’s always the time and effort it takes to compromise a vulnerable website. We understand the gravity of your hard work towards growth of your startup and are concerned about it’s online security, which is why we have tailored TurboSec™ free service for startups.

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The good thing about security is your customers feel their data is secured with you. It results in more recommendations and sales. Imagine your sales going down just because you overlooked website security. With TurboSec™ security you can always be confident about your business consistency.

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Our dedicated team of security professionals have responsibly identified vulnerabilities in websites of top corporate companies and startups, this makes us stronger to serve you with quality service and better flexibility. Don’t let anything stop you from making your web presence secure.