Making ATM/POS Smarter
SMPA - The Ultimate ATM POS monitoring suite
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Vendor Management

Business rules for SLA management based real time, accurate, precise and concrete information.

Increase ATM uptime

Operation/Business dashboard provide real time status of ATMs status to provide pro-active actions.

Boost ATM Availability

Take automatic actions in certain scenarios to resolve the problem which leads increase the ATM Availability.

Reduce Cash out

Special dashboards showing ATM's cash status with zero, low or full currency status and ATM status by last replenishment details

ATM profitability

Generate ATM profitability reports based on branch, region and city etc. to find out most and least profitable ATMs.

Real time dashboards and views

Real time dashboards and views for precisely evaluation of whole network for fast & accurate root-cause analysis.

System Monitoring and Performance Analyser

Our product SMPA is the ultimate suite to monitor the whole transactions system like ATMs and POS effectively

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Banks globally have a challenge to increase their customer base which effectively means that they need to have more service points to monitor the whole transactions system like ATMs, POS and Kiosk etc. End customers also prefer independent self service counters or ATMs to do their own transactions This has lead to multiple increase in transactions globally and the volume keeps increasing day by day This increase in transactions generates huge data which is intelligent and needs to be deciphered

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