Why online businesses need Website Security?

Why you should consider website security for your online businesss?

The world today is using web as its means of expression and mode of communication and to transact business. From a user level to an enterprise everyone is avidly contributing on web. Information is deposited over web at a specific location called web server. The Information stored on website is addressed as “Data”. The term “Websites” are the one which acts as an interface between user and a server.  Every business from small scale to large scale has its presence over Internet with Website as its representing face. Website is the virtual appearance on all business. It makes it easy for users around the world to comprehend and access information through the Internet. It helps in business propagation and brings global recognition to business.


why website security
What happens when you dont have website security?


Websites amazes Corporates, Small Medium Enterprises and Startups to grow and gather clients through showcasing them online. Since it comes with massive advantages, it’s stigmatized with a danger called “Cyber Threats”. Imagine your business has accumulated millions of customers who purchases your commodity or services online and now your website is vulnerable to Cyber Threats. A Hacker may compromise your data which has all customer details, payment details etc.  An Attacker may deliberately make and attempt to release this confidential information over the internet OR he could sell these information to your competitor. This makes your customer loose interest in you website and your service.  These mishaps may lead to decline in number of customers and may build trust deficit for your brand. This is one of the reasons for reputation disaster “Scandalous”. Millions of websites are being victims of Cyber Threats every day. Losing Millions of Dollars due to Cyber Threats is not a new buzz. “Confidential customer information leaked over web, hackers on spree” this appears to be everyday news.


Scared!!  Aren’t You ???


To stop this threat affect you, the term website security should be deployed and emphasized. Since the term itself addresses “Security”. Web application security testing is used to harden website’s overall security mechanism.  As adopting these methods, helps in identifying vulnerabilities in a website and implanting methods to fix them. So this patronizes in building website security and is conducive to impede an Attack.


The best solution is to allow Web Application Security Experts to perform a Vulnerability Assessment on website. This lets the expert discover all vulnerabilities on website which a Hacker may possible use to Attack. Web Application Security Expert may help to mitigate all vulnerabilities in a website and can provide with all possible recommendation so this will help to defend all Cyber Threats.

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